Juniper Pacifier Holder

  • what could be better for parents than to get such a wonderful birthday gift for their child?!
    we can't imagine a better gift!
    unique products made by hand from natural eco-materials that will help your child in teething. it will help to develop fine motor skills and protect the baby's immune system from viruses thanks to the aroma of juniper balls.but do not forget about the unique eco-design that wins the hearts of all lovers of nature and eco-style.

    the delicate aroma of juniper is impossible to break away from .and the smoothness and variety of shapes of products will not leave even adults indifferent.the baby will be interested in touching the beads of different shapes and structures in the handles ,which will help him not only develop, but also free up time for his mother.

    juniper holder for teething is not just a necessary attribute-it is the style and health of your baby.

    all our products are made of especially strong environmentally friendly materials and are thoroughly tested for strength!!!


    Polished juniper

    Juniper fragrance:

    - has an antibacterial effect,


    - improves blood circulation,


    - increases immunity,

    - soothing,

    - relieves headaches

    - cures insomnia,

    - helps with stress, loss of strength,

    - helps with bronchopulmonary diseases, hypertension,


    - has bactericidal, antiseptic properties.


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